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Slow going for blockchain in ag commodity trading

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Interest in blockchain and enthusiasm surrounding its potential benefits has led to a flood of investment and pilot programs from companies around the world as they race to harness its power to aid tracking and transparency. While blockchain innovations in agriculture are numerous, a new report from CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange Division said they have been slow to gain industry-wide acceptance, particularly in the realm of global agriculture commodity trading.

Congressman Budd Defends Blockchain in Testimony to House Ways and Means Committee - CoinDesk

North Carolina Congressperson Ted Budd highlighted two bills he hopes will receive bipartisan support, The Cryptocurrency Tax Fairness Act and the Virtual Value Tax Fix of 2018, while speaking at the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee on June 4.

Why someone hid a giant dong on the Ethereum blockchain

Permanent Phallus

Advocates of blockchain technology will tell you that decentralized networks are built with trust in mind — because every user holds a copy of the transaction record, no one has enough power to exploit others.

Dutch ticketing company uses blockchain to address scalping - Ledger Insights

Tomorrow GUTS Tickets which uses blockchain for ticketing will be selling tickets for popular local star Guus Meeuwis’s June 2020 event. The 35,000 seat Philips stadium in Eindhoven will host the multi-day event. Last year we reported the company sold 50,000 tickets for a famous local comedian. The founders created the GET Protocol for ticketing, which has its own GET token.

MIT Professor Claims Blockchain Technology Is Not as Secure as Claimed

A professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) says that blockchains are not as secure as they are purported to be in an editorial in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on June 6.

Digital Trends New Show Jargon Takes on the Blockchain Industry | Digital Trends

Welcome to the second episode of Jargon, the new show from Digital Trends that deciphers the complex language of various industries into words and concepts the rest of us can understand. We’re live each Tuesday to explain a different set of jargon from a different industry.