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BeamIT invests in fourth EOS additive manufacturing system

The EOS M 400-4 is an ultrafast quad-laser system with a large building volume.

Source: EOS

Additive manufacturing services provider BeamIT (Fornovo di Taro, Italy) has installed its fourth EOS M 400-4 quad-laser system from EOS (Krailling, Germany) for producing high-quality metal parts. The system will be used in manufacturing applications for the oil and gas industry.(L-R) Markus Glasser, senior vice president, region export at EOS; Mauro Antolotti, chairman of BeamIT; Davide Iacovelli, regional director south at EOS; and Giancarlo Scianatico, EOS regional manager Italy.Source: EOS

BeamIT has been using EOS additive manufacturing technology since 2017, when it was the first company in Italy to use the EOS M 400 system, the “sister system" of the EOS M 400-4.The EOS M 400-4 leverages four precise 400 W fiber lasers.Source: EOS

The EOS M 400-4 system offers a large building volume of 400 × 400 × 400 mm. The system incorporates four 400 W lasers, multiplying the capacity of the EOS M 290 system with one 400 W laser while ensuring direct-metal laser sintering (DMLS) quality. EOS M 290 processes can be transferred to the EOS M 400-4 while retaining equivalent part properties. 

For more information, please visit beam-it.eu and eos.info.

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