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TWJ at World Blockchain Summit Bangkok: Everything from crypto adoption to new on-ground products

TWJ realizes that the cryptocurrency field is all about collaboration and learning about new projects, and that is precisely what we did at the recent World Blockchain Summit held in Bangkok on the 1st an 2nd of December. We landed at the conference to find several like-minded individuals who were doing everything they could to create new products while at the same time contribute better standards to the industry.

The first day of the conference witnessed the Startup Pitch Competition that was contested with much enthusiasm and intent by several teams. On the one hand, there were teams like Synchronium who wanted to create a more seamless P2P money transfer system while there were pitches to develop blockchain products compliant with Sharia law.

Tron Europe was also present at the event. It provided on-ground support for Frank from Befaster, who took to the stage to inform people of the benefits of integrating digital assets with a fitness application.

The winner of the competition was a product that wanted to use blockchain technology to empower pregnant women and help them during their processes. This project is intended to go global in a few months, and its applicability factor is what tipped the scales in its favor.

TWJ at the receiving end

Once the competition was completed, the crowd returned to networking, and TWJ discovered new, effective projects getting kickstarted worldwide. Trescon were gracious hosts throughout the event, and the social gathering on December 1 was the perfect example of that. December 2nd witnessed speeches from several luminaries in the cryptocurrency space, with some even touching upon regulatory issues.

Apart from speeches and panel discussions, the conference was a space for a plethora of project displays. These included stalls belonging to Tron Europe, ECXX, and start-ups like Husl.

When it came to panel discussions, the audience was treated with informative talks by cryptocurrency proponents, who covered topics like regulatory decisions in the Philippines. Felix Mago, the co-founder of Dash, also took to the stage to talk about developments in the cryptocurrency industry, provide clarity on its future roadmap. The audience appreciated the range of issues addressed during the panel meets, some of which even involved high profile luminaries from R3 and Infinity blockchain.

TWJ was successful in utilizing the time during the conference to create a more extensive personnel network that would allow faster information spread to lift the all-important decentralized economy.

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